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Both nightly and beta versions have the same privacy error.

Screenshot of the error page please.

Thanks JimB1 here is a screen shot

OK. What happens if you click on the NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID text, is it clickable?

If not, what happens when you hit ‘Advanced?’

Also, the ‘Not secure’ text in the URL bar may have more info. If you click it and get Certificate info, what does it say?

Does Chrome show the same thing?

What does the SSL certs show? here is mine:

Here are some more screen shots


I mean the invalid cert is showing Avast software doing a MITM thing under the guise of protection. Up to you, I would turn that “feature” off.

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Agreed, If Avast has an extension or program option, disable the https/www scanning feature.

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Avast strikes again…

Many thanks to all above who replied.
Disabling Avast’s HTTPS scanning feature did the trick. :grinning:

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