Always going to Old Brave to "Launch the New Brave"

Brave recently did an automatic update. Now, every time I open brave, or use Brave for a default browser event, the old version comes up and I have to click “Launch the New Brave” to get to the updated version.

When I go to Add & features in Win 10, I see two braves. One is version 0.27.3 and the other is Neither number matches the About in the newest version so I have no idea which of the two I should delete.

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This one is the new version :point_up: (note 0.63.48 in the end of it – IIRC there’s an issue logged logged to make it show the version correctly).

Make sure you already migrate all your browser data from old 0.27.x version.

Including your Brave Rewards wallet (if you have any).

And welcome to the Community! :slight_smile:

We actually have a help document for this exact purpose, please see here for more information:

In short – once Brave Muon (old) build is uninstalled, as long as you make the new Brave your default browser, any handlers will switch off and open the correct Brave. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks. That does it. In the help file you might re-mention exactly how to tell which Brave needs to be uninstalled, i.e. restate the version number.

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Well this is embarassing. That article does help with your issue but I also meant to link to this article which does show the version number in the screen:

My apologies.

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