Hyperlinks in Chromium Brave open Muon Brave version


I notice that others have raised this problem, but I cannot see an answer! This is a major problem, as I have to cut and paste every hyperlink to get it to open in Chromium Brave!

Please help!


Hi @pmcs,
Apologize for late response.

Did you already try to set the new Brave as default? Your OS (which OS?) seems still have Brave (muon) set as default.

cc @Mattches


I don’t seem to be able to change the
default browser, as it simply shows ‘brave’ as the option, i.e.
I cannot distinguish between Brave (muon) and Brave (chromium)
in my default settings.

I’m running Windows 10, btw

    Any help you can provide would be most

gratefully received…


You can change this in both the Windows System settings and in Brave as well. I would recommend trying this in Brave to see if this resolves the issue:
Open the main menu on the top right image
Click Settings
Scroll down to Default Browser and click the Make default button:


That’s the problem - I already HAVE Brave
(chromium) set as my default browser! When I go to the Windows
Control Panel / Programs and Features and look for Brave, there
are two entries:

  • Brave Software Product version: 0.25.304
  •       The Brave Authors Product version:
    Since they both look identical and I don’t
    know which is which, I don’t know which one to uninstall. Please


Uninstall version 0.25.304.
You should only have the new (chromium) Brave on your machine at that point.


Fantastic! Thank you so much Mattches!! It
worked - yay!


My pleasure! Glad we got this sorted. Feel free to open a new topic if you have any further questions or concerns.