Portable Browsers

I was recently introduced to Brave through crypto faucets which recommended using brave because of the rewards. Having never tried it, I used common sense and “tryed it out” first by getting a portable. Having said this was for crypto, I have multiple sets of pages that need daily opened to claim my claims, some are autofaucets some are not.

I made a browser for each so they would have their own startup pages exactly like I have used CHROME for years WITHOUT ISSUE. They worked fine, each showing their own earned amounts of BAT. Things were going great.

Well I tried to send my earning to my wallet a few days ago when it first came up offering the rewards on the 5th. I was only credited for the smallest 1.something BAT total, and cannot claim my other browsers with much higher rewards … which KEEPS TAUNTING ME with my “unclaimed” rewards.

This is why you will never become a full Chrome Class browser. People do not like going from perfectly functioning things to glitchy products that leave them feeling scammed. As a user, I did nothing wrong but trustfully use this, only to be slapped and laughed at.

I think I’m done here.

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