Please remove my old Brave verified devices

Hello Brave community,

I have made a mistake. Recently I tried becoming EOSIO testnet block producer, which meant I had to swap from Windows to Linux OS. Nodeos (EOSIO node) only runs on Linux. It does run on Windows using the WSL, but doesn’t allow me to reserve my CPU cores for Nodeos only, which meant I missed loads of blocks. Long story… :joy:. I swapped many Ubuntu flavors in the process, and logged in with Uphold every time I reinstalled OS and downloaded Brave. Eventually I figured I had to rent bare-metal server in order to do this job properly, so I swapped back to Windows, but unfortunately I already logged in more than 4 devices, or OS’s which the brave browser allows.

I was hoping there was a way to clear all my devices history, as the new platform Gemini is not supported in my country. I could get my sisters ID to create a new Uphold account but I was hoping my account can be fixed instead of creating new one?

Thanks in advacnce!


Currently there is no way to do that, but the devs are working on it. There are many pieces to that puzzle, so it will likely take a while before it can be implemented.

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How did you make a mistake?

The mistake is by brave to not give tools to us to handle this ourselfs.
It’s not a mistake to change operating systems etc.
There should be a method to backup your wallet, verified data etc. So you can restore it on the new operating system.

You are good. The mistake is how braved designed this system.


Same dude verified everytime now im screwed. No option to manage verified devices lol.Hope they ADD this feature soon .I mean who will have only 4 devices in one lifetime when most people buy new device every one or two years lol.The 4 devices in one lifetime limit doesn’t make any sense when u can’t manage /remove the recently added devices …im screweddd

Watch this space:

There are many pieces to this puzzle, so it may take a while to implement a solution.


It is because I thought 4 device limit meant I can be logged in into 4 devices at the same time, not 4 devices in a life time. Crypto was supposed to be freedom from the Mafia system people call government, and now they want to “regulate” crypto (aka steal money through “taxes”), man will they ever let the tight grip they have on everyone’s balls -.- Would love to see Brave implement a payment to public key directly, instead of forcing us to go though a centralized 3rd party spyware to receive coins.

I’ll keep using Brave for sure though, at least I don’t get bombarded with ads everywhere I click. I’ve been reading this forum a bit and looks like there are plenty of people experiencing this issue. Hope the Brave team puts it up the queue and fixes it. Either give us a device manager, or let us get paid directly to our ETH address.

Thanks for the responses guys. Wish you all the best!

I can´t understand how the brave team did not foresee that this would be a major issue to a lot of users and did not implement a way to unlink devices from uphold account. I as many others am also screwed as i had to reinstall windows a couple of times now i cant get a wallet linked to my uphold account so i have no way do receive my BAT. We need a Solution to this NOW!

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Totally with everyone saying this should have been sorted well before now. I hit my Uphold limit a very long time ago so linked a couple of computers to Gemini as soon as I could. I now have some issues on this laptop that will be easier to fix with a reinstall but could do with keeping the Gemini slots free for when Android integration comes along.

Another alternative could be to be able to nominate a central wallet to hold all BAT from my browser installations - perhaps linked to a sync instance - so that I would only need 1 custodian link for all of them.

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