Need help to reset my device count

Hello, I’ve been using Brave for the past two years and had linked or logged into four devices, but I’m only using two right now, so please help me reset my device count. I’d like to connect my one more brave to Uphold and am not able to connect because of the 4 limit, so please help.

you can use this to reset 1 device Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

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I am using only 2 accounts constantly, and I do not know which 2 devices have access to my uphold account, so I want to unlink both 2 accounts from unknown devices.

At this time you can only remove 1. There will be a future way to either eliminate more or just get rid of the lifetime limit. However, it is in the works and not available now. The way the forum works is you just have to write down the wallet ID’s from the 2 working accounts and they will randomly pick one of the remaining stale devices to get rid of. There are also a lot of people requesting this now so it might take quite a while, even months before getting processed.

so, what do you think how much time they will take to free one slot for my limit

Judging from other peoples responses I have read, some have still been waiting a month. I believe the staff process by order received and there is only so many they can handle in a day.

there is no response from their side like(any mail, message)

i am waiting for 3 months still nothing they responded only 2 times with usless bs

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