Verified Devices for Wallet

This will be quite a dumb experience with the browser i guess, but like 5 months ago, i was struggling a lot with my old computer.
I was using Brave Browser and the Reward system with the wallet ‘‘Uphold’’ and everything went fine; however, the issues i had with my pc forced me to start a loop of formating over and over, even changing OS to Linux.
This issues were quite annoying and difficult to handle, so i ended up installing Brave a couple of times along with the verification of my wallet every time i formatted.
But i didn’t now about the limit of verified devices.
I have a better laptop, and i’d like to start using Brave again, being more careful about it.

Is there a way to reset or contact support so my old devices get deleted?
I’d appreciate any help i can get.

you can use this to remove 1 device limit at this time Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

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