Please Help...Lost bookmarks after Brave update

After the update on February 5-6th, 2022… all my bookmarks and other bookmarks were gone. I launched the browser after it was done updating and didn’t realize the bookmarks were gone till a few hours later though, but I felt something was off. I still have my brave wallet, and I was able to reopen all my closed tabs. Also, I never synced, signed in or anything like that.

Try this; go to settings, bookmarks, show bookmarks.

They were gone in the bookmark manager, empty. The brave browser I was using is on a school computer and I’m assuming the school district just removed Brave from being an option for being able to download through its official website. I’m guessing they were doing it to all computers. Bookmarks lost, Tabs lost. I probably had in mind a system restore but that needs the admins password. Another thing might be a file recovery of some sort.

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