All Bookmarks Disappeared with Later Update

I just updated Brave today and all my bookmarks folders and passwords are missing. Clean slate. It’s like a factory reset I did not choose.

This is infuriating because I use these folders every day for all my work. I only have browser history for the few hours after the update as well.

I’ve searched every folder and file. Been reading these forums. Nothing. This is not good. How can I retrieve this important information? I’ve just lost a few years of diligent work organizing my information. HELP!!!
PS I’m on a Mac, if that makes a difference.

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This has happened to me twice with Brave updates. I’m on Windows. It’s so bad that I have disabled automatic Brave updates, and the last time I did a deliberate update all bookmark folder disappeared (I do not save passwords). Absolutely infuriating!

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I’m back trying again. No help here from last post in Jan.

Lost all my bookmarks after the Jan 03 update. SInce then I stopped using Brave until I could find a solution. I was too afraid to change anything and lose all that work.

Someone here suggested looking in

/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default

But there’s only 1 bookmark I made as a test after I lost everything.

I lost many years of work. Brave is a big disappointment. No support or suggestions here either.


It’s really hard to get any kind of support here. I see so many topics with only a handful of comments, because they get closed and nobody seems to find solutions. I’m close to giving up on Brave. I’ve tried to get help but it just doesn’t get any exposure. Frustration is my number one emotion in the community. Too bad. Brave seemed to have potential, but it seems like we’re on our own and that sucks. Meanwhile, I still haven’t found my bookmarks, because nobody commented.

@pbon For what it’s worth, I’m going to touch on a variety of things and hope it helps you understand things a little better. If you don’t care about that and just want a response in regards to your own issue, scroll to the bottom. You’ll see where I did huge letters saying this is the primary info you want. (Just so you know, there’s no solution)

Typically because person posting stops responding. Topics primarily get closed due to 30 days of inactivity. 30 days is a whole month. That’s a lot of time. Updates occur and many little things can change.

Other thing I want you to consider is this:

  1. Brave doesn’t have a lot of staff. In fact, they only have the following people helping users. Each essentially has their own category they help in, though they do help in other areas as needed:

    • Mattches = Browser Support
    • B-Lee = Premium Support
    • Evan123 = Wallet & Rewards Support
    • Fanboynz = Shields & Site Compatibility
    • Steeven and SaltyBanana = Handle support tickets, fix things on the back end, and do random stuff as needed. (Not primary people to help on Community, though they do show up to assist)
  2. Users create about 30 topics per day. Yet that’s also not considering that many people just post “me too” or try to hijack topics, which means there’s a lot more people with varying issues. You can see that in the past 24 hours there were roughly 295 posts.


  1. Most complaints or issues can’t be fixed in the same day. This is especially true as many users stop responding for several days or weeks at a time even though their issues persist. So these numbers continually increase. Also have to remember Brave doesn’t work on USA holidays or weekends. The combination of all of this means many issues keep “rolling forward” until the workload can be a bit much.

  2. There are some users, such as myself, who help in order to try to alleviate the burden on Support and to get assistance to others ASAP. You can see some of my statistics below. 87,500 or so posts (replies) read, 18,500 topics read, 789 days of me visiting this site, etc. Yet even in me constantly checking and responding, I don’t even catch everything. And sometimes we might see a post but then get distracted by notifications or something happening in real life. Community Ninja don’t get paid. We’re just normal users volunteering our time.

  1. Brave is short staffed also on the back end. Majority of times I or others bring up issues, especially with UI, and we’re told that it needs to be passed upstream to Chromium. For example, a recent reply from Brendan Eich (co-founder and CEO of Brave) on an unrelated issue is below:


  1. Lastly…

This is the primary info you want:

There’s unlikely going to be an answer for you. What you’re sharing is actually a known issue. It’s also one that people can’t seem to replicate on demand. What makes it worse is the overwhelming majority of people experiencing this problem never actually provide the information requested. If you go to NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue and read through it, you’ll see what I mean. Mattches asked for Histograms and trying to check if login data was still there, but if you read through the replies you’ll see practically nobody has provided that info.

If users can’t answer questions and help developers or Support to figure out what’s happening, then do you really expect solutions to be found?

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate that.

I can see how it would be an issue taking care of that many posts. It just sucks because non-techy people like myself simply don’t understand much of the lingo and figuring this stuff out on our own is daunting and frustrating. Not everyone spends their workday in this space.

I came to Brave for the privacy, but need something that just works most of the time without incident. My verdict is this is not quite a normie consumer-ready product, for that reason.

Brave team Intentions are good, but support just can’t match the need. So observing as a business guy, that’s a big problem for me that needs addressing. Otherwise they’ll never build the customer base they need to be sustainable.

As for your answer on lost data problems in Brave, good to learn that perspective. Oddly I have never in my life ever thought about backing up bookmarks. Never had a problem in decades of computer use because it was all automated and I had everything in iCloud.

I get the message we all need to backup our stuff, but I made the mistake assuming Brave did the same without checking. Files and data were always backed up, but I’ve always relied on my browser for bookmarks.

Lesson learned. Thanks for the input.

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