I see that many people despair for the payment of brave browser

Today I am writing to give you a twist to everything and let’s do more of our part as users and make small suggestions to the brave team to improve the platform, improve the security of the users, and make the payment in a more practical way.

for example
I would like that when I enter brave I would like to enter with username and password and also with a double security factor

so not everyone who uses my pc or laptop etc is for personal use …
and that at least allows creating 4 profiles for each user

bring a bat weight back to 0.010 per ad and make it 5 per hour to get 0.050 per hour
and that the activity is repeated for at least 7 to 5 hours per day the display of system announcements …

I have more proposals that I would love to let you know I hope to get back to Apollo and I would like to see new proposals to see if the support team and the technical team management like them and apply them

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