{Feature Request} Integrate percival adblock into brave

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I know brave has some adblocking features inside, but I’m wondering if it’ll work better with percival adblock built in, which uses AI to block ads. This is what I mean. It’s based on chrome, but since brave uses the chrome codebase, I was thinking it could be possible. Perhaps make a beta built with it alongside the regular one and see how it works out.

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I just moved your Topic over to Feature Requests since that’s what it is. My concern when I see something like that is where data would be going. For example, for it to track and learn, would it be keeping track of user information? If so, that kind of defeats what Brave is all about. That said, the best bet here as you mention it is to see if @fanboynz can give any overall feedback on it since he is the primary person working on all things Brave Shields related.

This would break far too much, I’d say no here.

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