Questions about Shields capabilities

@fanboynz and/or @shivan hope you don’t mind my creating a public topic, but I keep seeing some things mentioned in various places and hoping you might be able to provide some feedback on each suggestion or concern.

I’m not digging into code and don’t mess with things, so forgive me if perhaps any of these have been added already. Otherwise hoping can be informed as to whether these are things being worked on or if they are features intentionally excluded and might not ever be added.

I’ll quote or paraphrase what people have said from various sources in the past few months, then hope maybe you can respond to each of them. Thanks!

I was talking about dynamic filtering using simple clicks in uBO which brave doesn’t have. It is an extremely powerful feature.

For example, at the moment, only Procedural Filters, the Permissions and Header rules are the ONLY important rules Brave can’t do, maybe also the actions like :remove() but that was added to the adblocker, just not useful by the rules, they have to work and make it compatible with rules, but the functionality is already in the code of the adblocker.

But for example, $denyallow is not supported by Brave or the new $to filter, is not supported by Brave, $header to modify headers like removing a cookie, $permissions rules are not supported either, $popup is still not supported either and $all

Will brave adblock support the regex in the future?

Any ideas on when iPhone will have the ability to customize Shields on a per site basis like can be done on Desktop and Android?

I’ve noticed the browser fingerprinting counter measures on my iPhone are lacking, is there a way to have random user agent switching like the available plugin on the desktop browser?

Why can’t we use the Shields plugin to report broken sites, ads, or cookie consent notices? Creating accounts to post is an inconvenience.

:remove() support is coming, since rc aka removeclass is being removed due to mv3, as is $header I believe

Would say to look at the issue reports on

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At least that’s part and good to know. I am kind of curious though about dynamic filters and the other things mentioned. It’s not something I’m familiar with but know I’ve seen mentioned a few times, including in a recent Reddit conversation.

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