Plans to replace Uphold?

To put it bluntly, Uphold sucks! Their support sucks.

My plan was to move some of my rewards money to my bank account.
They require 2-factor security to be set up in order to do so.

I tried dozens of times and never get a verification email they claim is being sent in order to set up said 2-factor security. They have been stringing me along for weeks having me do unrelated steps and asking questions I don’t know like “What day did I create my account?” I don’t remember the day that I connected Brave to Uphold, it was months ago!

Now they tell me they have reset my 2-factor security (which has NEVER been set up) and gave me instructions for setting it up in the mobile app (which I never installed). I went ahead and installed the mobile app, and get the exact same results - no verification email is ever sent.

Very frustrating. It would be nice if Brave provided other options to actually be able to do something with the rewards.


Hi @richeyrock, have you ever dealt with Uphold through more than one email account? This can set off their flags and impede any of their verifying processes.

Also, when you say…

… do you mean “they” as in Uphold, or the 2FA you use?

Some more information and links that may help you:


I have not had any issues with Uphold. I’ve been with them since Nov, 2019. Actually, this pass Christmas was tight, and I needed some gifting cash. I hold everything in DeCe wallets. I was in a bind, and moved some crypto to an Uphold fiat address, and then I requested expedition consideration given their policy. I told them I was in a crunch and would really appreciate some holiday love. I performed this wallet to Uphold to plea maneuver on Wednesday, Dec 23 ~4:00pm CST.

I had cash accessible in my bank account by 7:00pm CST that very same day.

Maybe discuss your concern. My example shows they are human and actionable. Show respect. Be diligent. Follow up.

The (polite-fully)squeaky wheel will forever get the grease.



So many topics against Uphold… :heart_eyes:


have you ever dealt with Uphold through more than one email account?

No. Only through one email.

do you mean “they” as in Uphold, or the 2FA you use?

They. 2FA has never been set up because I never get an email to verify.

After several more rounds of emails they told me that I must have marked an email as spam from them sometime in the past. But, even if I did that the emails would still go into the spam folder. You can’t fully block any emails in Hotmail without creating rules. And rules wont run in the spam folder. They said I had to explicitly state that I wanted to receive e-mails from them again. Oooooookay.

I still get other emails from them. Just never any when I try to set up 2FA.

I’m curious to see what good my explicit statement will do.

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That sounds frustrating, but I’m sure it will get resolved. It will be great if it’s soon. :crossed_fingers:

I’ve tried to open an account on Coinbase, everything is ok… not Uphold, without a real reason !
I hope Brave will be ok to transfer the BATS with other companies, like Coinbase, because Uphold is a shame :confused:


I dislike Uphold with a passion. I wish we could use metamask instead, the fee’s from Eth are terrible, same with Bat and often taken up pretty much all of it meaning that the site is completely worthless to me. To get any value out of Uphold I have to send XRP to coinbase without transaction fee’s. BUT today because of the rise in XRP, Because I made security changes to my account (Only because my OTP stopped working for whatever reason) I have to wait 24 Hours to transfer again which makes no sense, i’ve already had to wait 24hours for an email to come though the sort the OTP out, why should this take me 48hours? Quick google online and I’ve seen that Uphold literally make money from us losing it.
I want to trade in BAT but I can’t because the Fee’s are ridiculous. I’m talking if I want to send $13 of BAT off, it’ll cost me $11-12…
Please change from this god awful site.


+1. Please provide an alternative.


I’d like to add my voice to the chorus. Opened up an account on March 14th, went straight into pending status for weeks. They finally sent me an update… and closed my account. With no explanation given. None. When I responded to the email, they responded back, asking me to re-verify my documents on the website. Which I did. My account promptly went back into pending status. And now a full 2 months later, it still is there.

I honestly don’t know how some people got good customer service from these people. It is literally the most horrid, unresponsive customer service experience of my life… and I used to have Comcast.

I passed KYC on many of the major exchanges, Coinbase,, etc, so my documentation is not the issue. This is a lot of trouble to go through just to hold a few bucks worth of BAT…


They have a plan to add secondary wallet called gemini however it requires passport etc. I don’t want gemini as an alternative.

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If you are a creator you can already use Gemini; they verify your account immediately but they want a photo of your passport first.

Not available on all countries… France is not.
So, there’s no other alternative than watching those BATS stored by Brave wallet…

Indeed. I said the same thing about craphold and got erased by the mods for telling the truth. I still have 600$ worth of useless BAT stuck in my browser that won’t even sync to the even more useless wallet they FORCED us to use. I have been using Brave for like 3 years and cannot even get support to fix anything or reply in a timely fashion. It takes like a month to even get a response and then they just blow you off. They just say ‘we’re working on a fix’ and delete or close out the posts. When BAT is worth ten cents again, maybe they will magically find a fix to these issues.


Everything was smooth until we were FORCED to use the craphold wallet. Once synced, no BAT even moves from my browser, and I can’t even access the 400 tokens I have earned. It is very sad. IF ‘support’ responds, it is with some generic ‘we are rolling out a fix in the next update’ b.s…there have been like 10 updates since they said that though, and STILL NO ACCESS TO MY BAT. I’m sure they will delete or close this post soon too, as it seems to be their response thus far instead of just paying their users as they should, or listening the 100s of posts about the joke of a wallet they made us use and actually changing things for the better.


that is because it is a trash wallet


I agree, Uphold is trash. I can’t seem to verify my account, I’ve been trying for more than a month. Their support is horrible, they only seem to respond with automated general messages. It seems that everyone using Brave is complaining about Uphold, but no Brave admin has provided any direct response to this matter. They keep everything vague, or they just ignore the subject. This is truly horrible.


Also now Gemini is requiring a wire transfer to finish setting up the account.

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Thats how it feels. And customer support is nonexistent @ Gemini.

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It’s a big problem this wallet…

I don’t want to use uphold or other suspicious wallet with a scanty support, or other restriction like uphold (from uphold: You’ll need to re-authorize the application every 90 days or when your transaction volume reaches 250 BAT. And relative probmel that u can see in this community, like shown by other users)

I want a simple wallet from which to be able tranfer MY BATS everywhere i want witouth problem…

Like you (Brave) receive my payment from ads witouth problem, i would like the same…

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