Picture in Picture (PIP)

Is there a way to enable Picture in Picture (PIP) so I can watch a show while simultaneously browsing other tabs or windows?

Does the site work as expected when using Chrome?
I don’t use Chrome. I use the Brave or Firefox browsers

Brave version (check About Brave):
Version 1.65.130 Chromium: 124.0.6367.159 (Official Build) (x86_64)

This will depend on the site/video player being used. Sites Youtube for example, require you to double right-click on the video in order to reveal the context menu that reveals additional player controls, such as PIP:

Other sites only require one right-click but regardless, not all players offer this functionality.


I’m trying to watch Hulu, but it’s not giving me the option for PIP. I can do it just fine on Firefox but it doesn’t give the option for that in Brave.



I’m not sure Hulu supports the ability to navigate away from the tab and continue watching. What you’re doing in Hulu is using the “mini player” which makes the window small so that you can continue browsing in Hulu. But if you navigate away from the tab, the video disappears as well.

For example, I’m testing this in Firefox on my end and I see the same behavior in Brave:

So this is reflective of the player Hulu is using, not the browser it’s being used in. If you navigate away from the tab playing the video in Firefox on your end, you should see the same thing.


No, it’s actual Picture in Picture in Firefox. I can minimize the whole browser and open a new tab and do whatever I want and the video is still available to watch on my screen. It’s a setting in Firefox that I enabled to allow this. It’s not defaulted on.

Ah I see now — you’re using the icon in the address bar to pop the video out. My bad, I now see that this is in fact a built in feature of FF.

Unfortunately Brave can only do this for certain video players. Again as an example, I tested this and was successful in Brave using Youtube, CBS.com, Vimeo and a few other sites. These sites work because the players themselves support PIP functionality natively, regardless of browser. While other sites like Amazon.com, Hulu and Netflix do not support them natively and thus will not work with Brave.

It looks like Firefox has some code that detects when <video> elements are added to the DOM which causes the toggle to appear on screen. Clicking it then moves that element to its own dedicated window.

Full documentation for it can be found here:

Good news is that it does look like we plan to implement a similar feature in future releases:

Oh, thats great! I’m so glad it will be added in the future. Thank you!

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