I'd like a more advanced Picture In Picture (Floating Player) feature

I recently migrated from FireFox to Brave as a faster and more private alternative browser, and I’ve quite liked it so far. But there is 1 thing that I really like Brave to do. I’d like for their Picture In Picture (PIP/Floating Window) feature to be upgraded just a little bit. In FireFox, I would use their PIP feature to watch videos while I work, and it was really easy to use and convenient, but the PIP in Brave is, not really as good. First off, what I like about FireFox’s PIP feature is that the window works exactly as if it was the video on the website, as in, you could use the arrow keys on the PIP window to jump forward or backward in the video. It saves a lot of time having to open up Brave, go to the tab and move the video manually. Another thing is that Brave’s PIP feature blurs the video when you hover your mouse over it which sometimes can be a pain when you’re paying attention to the video and trying to move it to another area. It also doesnt help that you cant fast forward easily if you miss something. FireFox has been working on their PIP feature for a while and added some new things that Brave doesnt have, and to be fair, I could live without most of them. But what I’d really like is for Brave to allow keys to interact with the video via the PIP window and to add an option in the settings to have the PIP window blur. This is all in my humble request and if Brave doesnt add this feature, that would be fine. Brave is an amazing browser and it’s so secure compared to Chrome or even FireFox, so I wouldn’t be leaving any time soon. And I’m pretty sure Brave has better things to worry about rather than if the PIP feature is convenient enough. Thanks for reading. If you consider added these features, I will be forever joyful and thankful!

Firefox PIP is actually really good. One of the ‘best’ invention from mozilla.

As far as I know, the brave PIP is not from brave, but from chromium code. So, either improvements will be needed done to chromium by chromium team or to brave by brave team.

Give it a year, the PIP in brave will be improved.

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Ohh I see. Well that’s a shame really. But understandable. If Brave decides to one day improve the PIP feature, man, I would be soooo happy.

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