Phone died, lost all BAT

How do I retrieve my BAT from my previous phone. I had almost 10 tokens. My phone stopped charging, and I was unable to access them before receiving my new phone. I was never instructed to create an account, so I figured it was working of of my phone number or phone account.

Thank in advance.

To backup your Payments Wallet from Brave (Muon):

  1. Launch Brave (Old)
  2. Open the Main Menu icon_MM.png
  3. Navigate to Preferences --> Payments
  4. Select Settings --> Backup your Wallet

To backup your Rewards Wallet in Brave (Core):

  1. Launch Brave; in the Address bar, click the Rewards Icon icon_BAT.png
  2. Select Rewards Settings
  3. Select Settings --> Backup your Wallet

To Restore your Wallet

Follow the steps above for backing up your wallet in the appropriate version of Brave and select Restore your Wallet instead during the last step.

You also have the option to [import Payments information directly into Brave Core by following the these instructions.

Also have a look at this

Note: DO NOT lose your recovery key for your Wallet. Without this, your Wallet cannot be restored.

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for reasons strange indeed you cannot find the payment section whatever be your case please give it a try once more -
Beside the address bar you can find a red triangle adjacent to the brave logo the one with the red lion face
Click on the red triangle select reward settings on that page hit the gear icon on the left and one can find the options for backup and recovery.

You will need to turn on your old phone go to backup and recovery then get a pen and paper and write down the recovery phase that you can use to restore your wallet

On your new phone regardless of reasons backup your recovery phrase

Note: DO NOT lose your recovery key for your Wallet. Without this, your Wallet cannot be restored.

Still have questions feel free to shake up your doubts !


This doesn’t help, and the payments section doesn’t exist.

@openbot that’s only for desktop.

@Aaleron sadly, for now there’s no way to backup and recover Brave. Rewards wallet on Android.

So you can save them to a wallet or restore them? So what’s the point?

@eljuno is correct; there’s no way to back up your balance on Android. This feature is coming soon. You can still use the Android app to tip BAT to your favorite creators. :slight_smile:

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