New Phone, Lost Wallet

Upgraded my phone a couple days back but the vendor took wrong confirmation that the data transfer completion meant he was clear to wipe it for the trade-in and so I was unable to sync Brave between the phones.

Is there a way to retrieve my old BAT Rewards wallet? It was verified with Uphold and I even have from May a “Wallet Payment ID,” “Persona ID,” and “User ID.”

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi @yijyji,
If your wallet was verified with uphold you should still have you BAT balance, you just need to connect your new phone/wallet with Uphold.

Hello @Aa-ron Receive a cordial greeting, I take the opportunity to make a query after reading this I have a question! In case of reconnecting it, won’t it ask for the minimum of 25 bat?

If you already have a verified Uphold account, all you need to do is login.

Exactly that I understand, but in my case I need to format my cell phone when I reinstall brave again, I think it will ask me for the 25 bat necessary to reconnect my account. that’s my doubt.
thanks for your attention @Aa-ron .

So after confirming with the team, because this is mobile, you won’t have the option to connect with Uphold till have have 25 BAT in your wallet - but you won’t lose old BAT if you’re already connected to Uphold.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

Supposing I didn’t have my wallet Uphold verified, would there be a means of recovery then?

Verifying your wallet with Uphold is the only way to back up your funds at the moment.

and what if the verification of uphold is under process, can we still receive our tokens back?

You dont need to be Uphold verified to receive your Rewards payout
Uphold is only for if you want to move the tokens out of your wallet and/or back them up

this is what happened, my wife reached the mark of 25 token and then she created an uphold account, it is still under process as it has already been around 20 days now, and just 5-6 days back she by mistake deleted brave from that device and then she installed again and she started rite from the beginning, now my question will she receive her previous token back when she reaches to the mark of 25 and then she will be able to login as she does not have to create her account again.

Can you have your wife login to Uphold
Is there a Brave Rewards card? Is there a balance on the card?

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