New mobile phone. Is BAT transfer possible?

I’ve recently purchased a new Android phone and want to transfer the BAT from my old device to the new one. I joined Brave rewards when it was first released so I’d earned quite a lot of BAT tokens that I’d very much like to keep.
I understand Brave had been working on a way to sync wallets across devices.
Can anyone tell me if this will be available in the near future?
I’m also curious how long will the BAT on my old device be preserved if it’s no longer in use?

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To backup your Payments Wallet from Brave (Muon):

  1. Launch Brave (Old)
  2. Open the Main Menu icon_MM.png
  3. Navigate to Preferences --> Payments
  4. Select Settings --> Backup your Wallet

To backup your Rewards Wallet in Brave (Core):

  1. Launch Brave; in the Address bar, click the Rewards Icon icon_BAT.png
  2. Select Rewards Settings
  3. Select Settings --> Backup your Wallet

To Restore your Wallet

Follow the steps above for backing up your wallet in the appropriate version of Brave and select Restore your Wallet instead during the last step.

You also have the option to [import Payments information directly into Brave Core by following the these instructions.

Video Tutorial

Note: DO NOT lose your recovery key for your Wallet. Without this, your Wallet cannot be restored.

Ok ok i got a limit of 10 posts only …

Restoring your previous wallet from your old phone will clear your new bat tokens earned on your new phone

Back up your wallet in new phone or spend the bat by tipping publishers you like or by verifying with uphold account

Next time when you switch phones desktops laptops and intend to continue using brave rewards from a previous installation or device please restore your wallet in the beginning when you set up brave for the first time .

Hope this helps if not feel free to ask more questions to clear up your doubts .

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Many thanks!
Will doing this cause me to lose the BAT tokens I’ve earned so far on my new device though?

yes. he clearly mentioned this in his post above.

He updated his reply with the new info

Okay no problem. Many thanks for the info c:

so none of these options exist on the version of brave thats on my phone. theres no option to back up the wallet. theres no settings really beyond turning the rewards on and off. on the desktop version these options exist.

but you dont anwser the actual question of the OP which was, how to move it from your mobile device. which cant be done apparently because there are no options to backup the wallet!

ugh. f-ing stupid.


I was trying to see how this can be done also, so I have been not clicking on adds on my new device. Seems like an odd issue to have when it seems like access to all the data needed is there. I would think that the BAT would be associated with the account instead of the instance of the browser installed on the device.

@slothdog - you’re absolutely correct! :+1:

JessieAlt asked about Android version of Brave and backup of smartphone wallet abd second reply (by @openbot) only refers to Desktop (PC) version of Brave. :-1:

I registered on this community just to check what’s happening with it?! I really hope that Brave devs do understand that Android version of Brave is less stable than Desktop, in terms that phone crashes / get changed / lost or stoled (etc) way more often than fixed big box we call PC :computer: sitting in our rooms… So, if any wallet needs to be backed up and safed, thats Android (iPhone = phone)

In Brave subreddit this feature (backup of Android) wallet was promised in Q1 2019:


Next updates happen and we still didn’t get:

  1. Backup and restore for Android
  2. Uphold wallet for Android

Any reason why? Any ETA?


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