Paypal login stop working

Cannot log in to Pay Pal.

Anyone else having this problem?

(Pay Pal working with other browsers, it worked on Brave until 2 days ago)
Brave 1.2.43 Chromium: 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (32-bit)

Logged in on my windows workstation, no problems…

Can you try logging in on a private browser window? If that works, perhaps something got messed up on your main profile and you just need to clear the paypal cookies… or maybe some extension is mucking something up, provided you don’t run extensions on a private window…

I have the same problem. Tried it in a private browser window and still could not login. However, after I turned off Brave Shields it worked. Turning of the shields in the regular browser fixed it there as well, so Brave itself seems to be blocking something integral to the PayPal login.

mine has never worked in Brave…
I fill in the email address in the login page but there is no password fill in below it and it just keeps looping back there.

Same thing here on linux and Android, I Can login but PP doesn’t find my crédit card.
Disable Shield and it works.

There’s no shields config I need to do at all… Are you going through PP through a merchant site or maybe this is a non-US locale thing?

not logged in:

logged in:

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