Cannot log in to Pay Pal

Cannot log in to Pay Pal.

Anyone else having this problem?

(Pay Pal working with other browsers)

Just tested here, Sheilds=on. Seems to work okay? Is the problem still occuring?

yes, just tried it. It just sits at this page. Rather, it keeps coming back after hitting the"next" button, and yes I tried all shield’s settings, including off.


beats me :slight_smile:

I’m also able to login to my PayPal account using default Shields without issue. What extensions do you have installed? Also, have you tried clearing cache for the site?

This time got a message saying something went wrong at their end working on it and please try later.

and yes I cleared the cache before.

anyway, something screwy and I’m not worried about it too much after the message.

Thanks for your info…

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No problem – let me know how it turns out or if you need any further assistance.

We implemented a paypal whitelist by request from another user, not sure if it’ll fix this issue or not. But the update will be seen in the next 24-48hrs.

I will look with interest. Thanks for the info,

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