Cannot login to paypal using brave browser

Description of the issue:
Navigate to and click on the login button. A page with a one-inch diameter circle appears with a blue line running around the circumference. This goes on forever, ad infinitum.

Exact URL of the website in question:

Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no)
There is no “Brave Shields Defaults Section” under settings.

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off?

Is there a specific Shields configuration that causes the site to break? If so, tell us that configuration. (yes/no):
NO. Does not work with shields up or down.

Does the site work as expected when using Chrome?

Brave version (check About Brave):

v1.49.120 (Mar 9, 2023)

This on Desktop?

I can’t replicate the issue you’re sharing. Here’s what I see, starting from going to

Visit to link

Click on Log In

It inserts this page with my phone number and a QR code, trying to get me to download Paypal as an app

When I choose Continue on Web, it goes to my profile or whatever:

Can you try in a Private Window or, better yet, in a New Profile? (assuming you’re on desktop)

Sorry, it is a laptop, Windows 10.

I don’t get anything you get except the initial screen. As soon as I click on the log in button, I get nothing else, just the eternal spinning wheel.

YES, it does work in a private window! Cool, I was able to login and do all my paypal work in a private window!

I’m not a techie so I’m not sure what you mean by a new profile. I thought I only had one profile.

@texinpr Okay, let me explain a couple things.

Private Window is one that opens without any extensions. It also tends to delete any browsing information from that session. If something works in a Private Window but not in a normal, then it tends to suggest that you have an extension installed that is causing the conflict.

On the hamburger menu (means three dots or lines on top of themselves, kind of like a hamburger between bun), which looks like Cannot login to paypal using brave browser - Browser Support _ Web Compatibility - Brave Community - Brave 3_19_2023 13_21_23 you’ll see an option that says Create a new profile and directly under that is Open a Guest Window

Both of those options do the same thing, except Guest Window only lasts until it’s closed and New Profile is more permanent until deleted. The purpose of this is yet again to rule out extensions, but the bigger difference here is that the New Profile or Guest Window would be opening as if it’s a new browser installation. So everything would be set to default.

So basically if your issue wouldn’t be solved under Private Window but it resolves under New Profile then we can assume that it’s in your cookies or settings.

Where that leaves us for your situation at this time is for you to disable your extensions and test. If it works, then you can enable your extensions one by one until you find out the culprit. Then you’ll either have to remove the extension causing the issue or contact the developer for that extension to see if they can help fix your problem.

OK, I got your email last night and tried to reply but it came back undeliverable. I will work on it today and check out the extensions. I try not to make any changes but stuff happens. I’ll let you know.
Thank you.

I went to manage extensions in settings and there are only 3; google translate, adobe acrobat, and rakuten. I inactivated all three. No luck. I restarted windows. No luck. Is inactivating enough or do I actually have to remove the extensions?

It’s a roll of the dice, quite often. Maybe one of the better options would be for you to go to Create a new profile. Then use it for a bit. Maybe add in one extension at a time and see if it ends up “breaking” on the new profile like it is on your current.

Other thing it could be needing, if not extension, might be just to clear your cookies. This will sign you out of everything and all, but just in case it’s an issue. You’d do that by marking everything as you see in screenshot below, which you can get to by pasting in brave://settings/clearBrowserData in your search bar.

New Tab - Brave 3_20_2023 12_38_48

So I left the extensions alone, except that they are inactivated. I cleared browsing data and paypal works.

Now I just have to figure which extension is the culprit.

I’ll let you know.

After clearing browser data, I activated both Adobe Acrobat and Rakuten. Paypal still worked.

I uninstalled Google Translate because I saw a Brave article saying Brave has it’s own translation process. But when I try to translate a page, I get a Google error saying “Can’t translate this page.”

Does Brave have translation or not? Should I reinstall the Google translator?


Yeah, that might have been the only thing causing a problem for you. Sorry if I confused you but was having you test and do different things. So when you’re saying disabling extensions and all didn’t fix it but it started working after clearing browsing data, then it kind of confirms that was the only issue. So just was a cookie or whatever that was somehow doing something silly. It’s unusual but happens every once in a while.

Brave does have a translator. Not sure what you’re seeing, especially since you mentioned seeing a “Google error” because, well, Brave doesn’t use Google so not sure why you’d be seeing a Google error.

(Not sure I’m doing this right. Hope you can see the screen shots)
I use the google search engine. This is after a search for UPS in PR. It has the link to “Translate this page.” If the google translate extension is gone, then I don’t know where that comes from.

This is the result when chasing the link…

It is translated to english and it’s got google tracks all over it.


You have two things going on here. On your address bar, you have Brave Translate. For it, your default on the page was for Spanish but you could have clicked on English to have it translate to that.

Then, below your bookmarks and above the yellow banner, it is showing Google Translate on the page. On that one, you have English selected, so I guess it translated to English for you. I’d assume based on that screenshot, you have Google Translate still on your browser and didn’t remove it like you mentioned.

Btw, little info on Brave Translate, though article is a bit old.

Yeah, I saw thot but it didn’t even register. Now I’m really confused. First, this is my settings, extension management…

Just Adobe and Rakuten, no google.

Oops, looks like I didn’t even send this. Sorry, I was out of town for a week and just forgot about all this when I got back. So I just tried logging into paypal again and got the same endless arrow chasing its tail. I guess I’ll just have to clear my browser data every time I want to login to paypal.

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