Paypal & Other bank sites are not working on brave (only works in anonymous tabs)

Description of the issue: Normal brave tabs are preventing me to login sites like paypal and other verified real life bank sites and giving out issues that they are having an issue.
I think its connected with the sites thinking im using VPN or something which im not, its also happening on the 2FA.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Download Brave.
  2. Login to paypal or any bank site while you have 2FA enabled.
  3. Wait for the issue to appear.

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave): V1.30.89

Additional Information: nope.

Can you tell us more about “the issue,” e.g., copy/paste text, or a screenshot, etc.?

What version of Windows?

Using any extensions?


This is basically the issue.
And for other sites i cant tell you cause i dont use any other banks, my family uses it.
But im guessing its the same crap with 2FA issue.

OS: Windows 11 Pro


I have found the issue, its neither a shield issue or anything like that… its the issue with the extension called “Dark Reader”… idk why but it messes up paypal 2FA

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Interesting. I do think something is broken with Dark Reader since maybe a couple of weeks back, I have the same issue with a 2FA form for an app at work. When I disable DR – or even when I just shut off the dark mode (even if I leave the extension enabled) for that one web site – I can log in.

Haven’t spent any time narrowing down the issue but sounds like the same problem you’re having. Never had an issue before a DR update a few weeks ago.

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Yeah i recently transferred from chrome to brave like a week or two ago… and its been decent so far very speedy n stuff… but hopefully they fix the dark reader extension…

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