Payout In Progress

Hi it says Payout In Progress how long can this take?, been there all day



Thanks for reaching out! The next expected payment is scheduled for April 8.



How can I know the monthly free award schedule?

No schedule for grant. Keep make good content and watch the icon bat everyday :grin:

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image I do not understand very much

BTC unavailable

Payout In Progress

the payement is 8th of every month since 1 years now

still pending tho. its 16:21…


Thanks for your post!

Settlements are scheduled to go out today, but it may take some time for your wallet balance to update.



@steeven now its a new day, atleast in sweden, feels like they are not gonna be there at uphold when i awake,

Do i feel silly now, yes, i just woke up and had a email saying that funds been added, i apologize,

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no te salio en revision?

Hi @steeven it’s now 9 April and i still haven’t received the payment

´Check ur wallet in uphold. mine says pending but allready paid out!

I did check, still no payment. I have verified my uphold account

then i dont know, make sure ur wallet is connected, if it is, be patient

Why my BAT still in progress? My account Brave and Uphold is active. Please help me(((

My BAT came 1 day to late, im sure it will come today or tommorow

Brave’s Team are very responsive, don’t worry if payments arrive a day before its normal considering that Brave has million of people that use it around the world, just take it easy @everyone, and trust and Brave and its team.

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I have not received my BATpago_pendiente

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