Payment problem uphold

Even though the Uphold payments seem to have been completed, there is no amount reflected in my wallet. You are like a joke.

I have the same issue.
It seems January payments have been done to Uphold, but nothing is shown as a transaction in Uphold


Any ideas?

Did you accumulate this many coins in a month?

No I had a security request from Uphold I didn’t see, so it has kinda stacked up

@mertwix you should know the drill as you just had posted a month ago. Did you ever respond to Support? I mean, they were investigating as recently as last week and had been requesting more information from you.

If we assume your account is flagged, then it would make sense.

@Melael you need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at so Brave can look into it for you. That support ticket will be key as it provides details they need to look specifically at your account and to figure out what might be going on. Do keep in mind that it can take at least 3-5 business days to get responses. Just saying that so you keep in mind will need to be patient.

I will try to open this support ticket. Many thanks for your help and time.
Have a good one.

Why should my account be marked? I started using it for the first time in a long time. You marked my account again when a country problem arose for no reason. Your actions are complete nonsense, you act like you’re making fun of me, I’m not happy at all.

Not sure that it is. All I was saying is if it was flagged it would answer why you didn’t receive a payment yet again for this month. Don’t forget that I’m just another user, I’m not employed with Brave or anything. So I just was speaking to you on potential issue while also asking if you ever did respond and provide the information that Evan123 had requested?

I didn’t do anything to get it flagged I just used it normally as it should be

Why does no one care about the problem?

I have asked you multiple times if you ever responded. The idea that you’re not answering that might be giving us the answer to your issue. If you don’t reply to Brave when they request more information, then you’re not going to have a lot of luck.

If you never did so, you need to make sure to create a Rewards Support Ticket at

On top of that, if Evan123 had sent a DM to you requesting information and you never provided details, then you need to do that now.

If you keep refusing, then it’ll be assumed you’re basically nothing but a bot or troll. You can’t come just creating topics to complain but then refuse to provide information or cooperate so your issue can be resolved

dk bout u, but mine are doing ok, friend. maybe was a bug n they’ll fix it soon

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