Problems sending my rewards from Brave to Uphold

Hello, I’m from Chile and I’ve had issues with my Brave and Uphold accounts since August 2023. I started using Brave again with rewards but it hasn’t reflected in my Uphold account. Auto-contribute is disabled. Could you please help me figure out what’s going on with my account?.

Información de saldo

Saldo total 0 BAT

BAT de recompensas: 0 BAT

Uphold: 0 BAT

Not earning? If having issues since that long ago, it makes it sound like it might be flagged.

I am a bit confused on this. Did you try it on another device or something?

This wouldn’t have to do with your situation. Auto-Contribute would reduce your balance by 1 BAT or so each month. You’re saying you aren’t receiving payments, right?

All of the above things said (just trying to give you some feedback/answers), you honestly are going to need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at When I saw you comment on someone else’s earlier I thought your situation might be newer.

While there are a lot of possibilities, I’m assuming perhaps your account is flagged (suspended). This would be why you aren’t receiving payments. By creating the support ticket, they’ll review and help fix issues or, if it is suspended/flagged, they will let you know if they will reinstate your account or if it will be permanently suspended.

Before this closure you could receive and have multiple devices. All with the same problem, I collect the bats of the month but then they all disappear for no reason, as well as nothing appears in my uphold account.

After August-September-October of use I stopped using it since I didn’t know what was happening until today.

im waiting for my payment .


Did you ever create that support ticket like I told you?

If so, did they never send you an email asking for information or giving you an answer as to what happened with your account?

how can i create a support ticket ?

im waiting my payment from August 2023.

Exactly how I told you to do it at Problems sending my rewards from Brave to Uphold - #2 by Saoiray, which screenshot is below.


So yeah, Rewards Support Ticket at

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