Uphold payment completed but no rewards

The payment status says that the wallets connected to Uphold have already received the March rewards, I had 2 to 3 bats to receive and I received nothing.

Last month I received normally, that is, the rewards for February, I received them on March 6th, and the rewards for March did not come

same. guess it’s ticket time again.

ticket 257277 for me.


No payment for me either. Seems every couple months some issues arise with payments and I have to visit the community to find out what went wrong.

And have you discovered anything yet?

Just was marked as completed. Sometimes this means it’s sent, but it could still be pending and take a little to show up on Uphold. Much like y’all, I also haven’t received mine yet.

I’m going to tag in @Evan123 and @steeven to see if either can say if they are aware of issues, if it indeed might just be a small delay on Uphold showing it but our payments did send, or what?


Didn’t receive February or April payment’s and usually don’t have a problem?

Receiving error messages in the rewards log repeatedly, dozens of times

[10 de abr. de 2024, 3:56:11,4 PM:ERROR:redeem_reward_confirmation.cc(141)] Payment token is not ready
[10 de abr. de 2024, 3:57:18,5 PM:ERROR:redeem_reward_confirmation.cc(141)] Payment token is not ready

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aaand back to pending.

Thanks for flagging everyone. Uphold payout status has been set back to Pending.

Same here. I don’t get why i receive so little having the brave browser on 2 computers and a photo with the ads turned all the way up.

same here, and haven’t received the rewards since last year.

Please submit your payment issue here: https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Thank you, I already sent it yesterday, ticket 257287

same exact issue here; i’ve never seen those error messages in the logs before. Also, as of now, i still haven’t received my March payout. Last month my payout was completed on feb. 5th which was earlier than usual. seems to be a lot of glitches recently

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I have connected my Zebpay wallet, but I haven’t received my Feb and March rewards yet.

Still no solution, but what could this error be: Payment token not ready?
[14 Apr. 2024, 10:05:06,4AM:ERROR:redeem_reward_confirmation.cc(141)] Payment token is not ready

my favorite part is the 0 useful communication policy brave “support” seems to have.

why was it marked complete if it wasn’t?

is something being done or did they just mark it to pending again so they could cancel our tickets and hope it ‘works out’?

user-first my ass.

@lowner this used to be the normal. Many are just too spoiled these days and through a fit. Stuff happens. It always was that payments would begin around the 7th, but we’d have to wait up to 3 weeks or so to get them. It was kind of like a lottery on who received it immediately and who was at the end of the line.

Then things got better and we pretty much started getting payments even earlier than the official date, getting payments somewhere between the 3rd and 10th. What I don’t get is why people get so pissed off about stuff. This isn’t a paycheck we’re waiting on to pay rent and all. It’s definitely nothing we should be relying on. It’s just small bonuses.

And so far all we had is the weekend since people griped and mistake was made. Nobody works on the weekend overall.

This is interesting, how does one view these logs??

@vrsce you go to brave://rewards-internals and can view log there. To really see most, you’ll first need to go to brave://flags and turn on Enable Brave Rewards verbose logging

Just be advised that 99.9% of users don’t comprehend the majority of things seen there because Brave doesn’t explain it and it’s meant for developers and support. Over the years, have been a lot of wrong assumptions by people on things they are seeing.

For example, @c3gsergio shared that part of the log to pretend as if it has something to do with why payments haven’t arrived yet. But it has nothing to do with it. Proof?

I had same thing appear in rewards-internals log every month, including back in January:

Notice that happened January 17?

But I had already received payment on January 5 and then again on February 6. So you can’t tie that in with payments, can you?


So always have to be careful because what you’re seeing likely isn’t what you or others think it says. And as I mentioned, Brave doesn’t explain it. We have no way of knowing what each thing in the logs mean, because it wasn’t made for us to use or understand.

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