No payments for June?

Seems somebody decided to skip June publisher payments altogether?

I’m sure you have your reasons, but at least make an announcement, otherwise your support will be flooded with the same issue from everyone waiting for their payment. I believe publishers are the backbone in promoting Brave and therefore should be treated as such.

So we’re (patiently) waiting for an explanation…


@r4a I’m with you. It’s confusing, and if the Dev Team doesn’t speak up, the threads get riddled with posts from anxious people. I can confirm payment went out–I received two. One on June 9, and another on June 10. Both add up to about 2/3 of what I was expecting. That 1/3 remainder seems to be carrying over to July. I can’t really explain why. I don’t believe I received any tips or had referrals post towards the end of the month since the expected amount hadn’t changed since mid May

And now my account access has been suspended and is “under review”.
This is what you do to a Publisher with more than 6000 BAT pending?
I demand an answer asap!

Sorry to hear that. Sad thing is you’re probably now in for a long and very frustrating ride as there’s people on here who have been under review for months

I really had high hopes for this program but it seems it’s just another of those many out there which only promises but fails to deliver.
The ignorance of BRAVE SUPPORT STAFF, if there is such a thing, is unacceptable.
For that reason, I’ve given up in promoting Brave altogether.
In fact, I am now setting up a campaign to inform all my audience of the shady practices of this program.
Brave, you’re not “brave” at all, since you don’t even have the courage to answer a simple e-mail.
Good bye!


Well well, seems they are indeed Brave after all! So much Brave that they decided to permanently close my publisher account, along with a hefty sum (6000+ BAT owed) which I will never get to see, of course.

A warning to all publishers out there: beware, their “rewards ship” is sinking! Which means, it will only get worse. Who knows who might be next on their “naughty list”. Could be you, why not?

"Brave reserves the right to terminate publisher accounts that have been demonstrably shown as fraudulent and/or misleading. "

In plain English, they can terminate your account whenever they feel like it, because they did NOT “demonstrate” anything to me which might be against their terms.

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