Has Anyone Received The Payment For Publishers Of August 2020?

As @steeven said that the payment for publishers has begun processing but there is still pending written on the august 2020 megathread. so if anyone has received their payment for publishers??

i haven’t received mine


Me neither… it is frustrating

payments are not actually processed for us, none of the prohibited countries have received their payment. they’ve already paid everyone else except us. you yourself see how the team behaves not transparently. those who received the payment do not go here. the payment cannot take long, it is just one transfer sent to everyone at once

please @steeven respond this, and give clear statement.


i tooo didnt recevied the payment of brave publisher
please help @steeven

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i received only part of it yesterday, i have 151 BAT tokens in publishers account and received only 34 yesterday, and my publisher still shows 151, its not even been updated yet. not sure when i will receive the rest of the tokens.


I just received my referral payment.

hope others receive it too including myself.

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Still waiting… Which conutry are you?

i am from india and you?

Europe… Germany …

Where are you from Bananas12?

Hey guys. Im from Russia and just 40 mins ago received my payment. So, dont worry and be patient!


@Serhio you received all of your BATs Or partial?

I received all BATs with one payment

@Serhio don’t know when we will be getting ours. waiting from 2 days

I am also from Russia, but I still see this in my account - has your payment status changed?


No, the message in my account is still same, i think it will change after payment process will reach its end, as it usually was earlier months

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I recived second ago

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Thank you for writing, I hope that payments will come for all of us

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