Paste/undo bug in Brave Browser

I noticed a bug where if you high highlighted text and you pasted over it, you could not use Ctrl-Z to undo it. I occasionally select the wrong choice in the right click menu. It’s just part of being human. Anyway, I intended to copy text that I highlighted when I accidentally selected Paste. I tried to use Ctrl-Z to undo the paste to restore the text, but it didn’t work. It works in simple text editors. I don’t know why it doesn’t work in text boxes on Brave.

No undo feature if text is pasted over.

Just highlight text, paste over it, and attempt to restore the text by using Ctrl-Z. It won’t work for me.

Pasted over text is expected to be restored with the use of Ctrl-Z.

Version 1.37.113 Chromium: 100.0.4896.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It works OK for me, tested using Brave 1.37.114 on Fedora 35, using the main text box on

Maybe try updating to .114 (just in case), and try the same test above. If the behavior doesn’t resolve then maybe something up with your distro or window manager, or something.

What distribution is it, and did you install using the instructions on or did you do something different?

Strange it does work on I have the problem when commenting on YouTube. It could be a problem with their scripting?

Weird. Certainly possible, although I wouldn’t have expected that at all.

Next time I need to comment on a YT video I’ll try it thru Brave (usually it’s thru the mobile app) and see if it happens to me there.

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