I lost my passwords (URGENT)

So i ran into a tough time and had to clear some space yesterday, problem is i didnt read one of the settings being clear passwords aswell and ive lost a crazy amount of my passwords, i really need them back like ive lost too many man. Do i have to downgrade my computer inorder to recover them?

If you allow me sharing my honesty and experience.

The browser is not the place to store passwords. That functionality is useful to automatically fill in, but it is dangerous. If you can use it to fill in login forms without typing, also does any person who approaches your pc, or any malware bot running in your device.

Passwords should be stored in a password manager with high encryption. And a backup should be kept somewhere safe to prevent the case of your device braking down.
There are plenty of them out there. I like KeePass Portable.

Security starts with our own actions :slight_smile:

I was planning to use one and i regret not using one earlier, can i possibly reverse the brave update to when i had my passwords?

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