Password Manager Broken

Both Brave and Ironvest/Blur provide password info for login

Ironvest/Blur is marked as password manager. But, when I get a login screen the Ironvest login is overlayed with the Brave saved info. I can pick either one to log in. I should only get the Ironvest login info. But, if I disable Ironvest as password manager only Brave login is presented.

**Brave Version 1.45.116

Do you actually need them both enabled, or would you want to just use the Ironvest one? You can always disable the Brave built-in one.

If you do need them both though I guess we can do some testing with similar apps to see what’s going on and if it can be avoided. In that case, screenshots might help.

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No, when using my desktop/laptop. Yes, when using my phone and tablet via sync. The real issue is it use to work correctly.

As best I can tell, both the Brave storage and the Ironvest one could work in both environments, in which case maybe you can just use one of them in both places.

If you do want to use both, then

It would also be interesting if you happen to be able to test the same in Chromium or Chrome, see if the issue is also present there.

Here you go.

The same issue with Edge aka Chrome

OK. This almost certainly means the issue is either coming from Chromium, or, from the IronVest extension itself. If you have a paid account with them, are you able to open a Support case with them? Maybe there’s a way they can resolve it.

I will check it out.

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