Password lock / encrypt Brave Browser for security and privacy reasons

For security and privacy reasons, i would like to see a feature where i can password lock my browser.

A browser is set up for ease of use, so In my browser i store my passwords, my most important bookmarks, links to my cryptowallets / adresses for easy access, portfolio’s, to exchanges i use, etc.

Eventhough my windows 10 has a password (which can be bypassed very easily) and every other loging requires a 2FA, a lot of information can be gathered from just opening my browser and checking my bookmarks or going in to settings and checking stored passwords (eventhough you can’t see them), etc. This can tell someone much more information than im willing to give.

So if someone were to ever get access to my pc, either a maleficent person, or even just someone like the IRS, or some other agency i don’t want snooping around, i can prevent that from happening or choose to give them access if im willing to cooperate.

I know a lot of people that use their browser in a similar way, and would be very happy to see a feature like this.

Also, Chrome doesn’t have this so would be another +1 for Brave :wink:



Yess, something like brave lock