Profile password/pin lock

I think Brave is seriously lacking a key privacy feature which is password locks for profiles.

These password/pin locks are perfect for if you work in shared housing and you want to keep all of your private accounts behind a profile with a lock on it so nobody can touch them or see them.

I’m also not the only one who wants this feature. There are multiple posts made by other users on this forum that have made posts requesting this feature, but their posts were met with no response.

Please add this feature to Brave.

It has already been explained this kind of feature is extremely hard to implement correctly at the browser-level. If you have several people using the same computer at home, the best thing is to have a different OS profile for each of them.
If you have really sensitive info, use your browser in portable mode.

Not really what I was asking. I’ve seen the alternative methods and they do not work for my circumstances. I want a pin/password on my profiles, I’m requesting a feature.

It was what you’re asking, you just aren’t happy with the answer.

So your answer is similar to what he mentioned there. Whether it’ll come out or not is yet to be determined, but there are challenges with it.

Mainly because people duplicate the same requests and it gets tiring saying the same answer(s) over and over. Eventually you just stop replying and hope someone else refers to the answer or the people learn to search through for answers. And yes, searching for answers gets difficult when there’s the amount of people who post without searching first…which then leads more questions that end up hiding the answers/replies.

That’s what Users are for on the OS. So you’d have one User account for each person. If you want to have a joint User where everyone can access all your files, then you’re never going to be fully secure. You’re saying there can be a fake layer of protection by having a username/password, but all of the information is actually stored on your device. So anyone wanting it just would go to your \brave-browser folder and grab any of your information from there, even with a locked profile.

In any case, they have open projects and may consider for the future.


And yes, I get it. You’re saying wish would have it similar to how Brave Wallet is set up, where password is required. There’s many differences and reasons why it can’t be done, part of which I mentioned above, but at least wanting to say I understand what you’re saying.

You have already been told this is no doable. Google had it in Chrome for many years but never managed to get it working correctly so they ended up ditching it, they only kept it on Chrome OS because… it was handled by the OS. Do you think Brave can do better?

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