Pages won't load

Description of the issue:
When I turn on my PC and open Brave with Windows 10, my last saved tabs (usually 7 of them) start to open, the tabs appear with the website names. But no content loads and the pages time out (no “Snap” message). I also see balloons announcing that my various extensions (Pinterest, Evernote and Dashlane) crashed. I click on the balloons and the buttons reappear, but they keep cycling off. I have deleted Brave and reinstalled it twice. No difference. If I restart my computer (not turn it off), the pages load and Brave works normally. Not convenient. I also deleted the extensions, which made no difference. I have Brave on my Windows laptop and it works fine. Ditto for the Android version on my phone. I really want Brave to work, I like its features and I want to use the same browser on all my devices.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Turn on PC and open Brave
  2. Close Brave and reopen it.

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 0.68.132 Chromium: 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

Are you trying to save the same 7 tabs each time the browser crashes, or will this happen with any number of tabs open to any website(s)?

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Usually same 7 tabs. Today I turned on my PC and Brave loaded okay. First time I didn’t have to restart.

If Brave starts behaving that way again, I would test it without opening any tabs and seeing if it crashes. If not, one of the sites may be causing the issue – in which case we can narrow down the root cause.

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That sounds more like a Network problem.

Again, pages wouldn’t load when I turned the PC on. Then I closed all the tabs and reopened Brave. It wouldn’t load. I restarted and then Brave loaded a page after I opened a link. Doesn’t look like a specific page is causing the problem. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Same thing today. Pages won’t load, I restart the PC and Brave works okay. Going to try to close all tabs. I also removed all extensions, because of the balloons saying the various extension buttons have crashed.

The only tab I had open was this page. I closed Brave, then opened it. Page wouldn’t load. Restarted the PC and here I am, Brave works.

Try making another Windows profile to test. See if you have the same issues with the new profile.

I searched Windows profile and don’t understand it. Still hoping for some help because at some point I’m going to give up and go back to Chrome. I can sometimes click on the Brave Browser Setup icon on my desktop and get it to load properly. Otherwise I have to restart my PC. Why?

Sorry about that.

Press the Windows key + R to open a run dialog and paste the below line into the box and press enter.


Under "OTHER click Add someone else to this PC

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@ZerosNOnes has the same idea I do. Since the issue seems to fix itself after a system reboot, it seems to be pointing towards some system level issue rather than Brave.

I’m curious – rebooting is the only way after a crash you can reopen the browser? Have you tried launching the browser from the command line?

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OK, thanks. I created a new profile, which lets me open Brave. Under my original profile, it still acts the same–the tabs load, no content, balloons appear saying my extensions crashed. When I restart, Brave opens normally.

Is my best bet to not worry about a fix and use the new profile exclusively? Kind of a pain with transferring bookmarks, etc.

Many thanks for your help.

Thanks. See my reply to ZerosNOnes; Brave now loads normally from the new profile. Not sure what you mean about launching the browser from the command line. I start it from the icon on the taskbar (at the bottom of my screen).

Try disabling all extensions on your original browsing profile, then relaunch and see if you still get the same results.

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Thanks, tried that, same results. Ditto on closing tabs. Still
won’t open unless I restart. But with the new profile, it works

Maybe Nuke your data for that profile and see if that shakes something loose – Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data --> All time.

Make sure you clear it for all time specifically.

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Good to hear.

You can try to repair your windows installation by running the below command at an elevated command prompt.

1.) Right click the windows start button and select “Command Prompt (Admin)”

2.) At the prompt, type or copy and paste the below command into the window and press enter.

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

This command will try to replace damaged files from windows update.

Note: If the windows update component is also corrupted, you need to use an image source that matches your windows version to point to.

Then run the below command at an elevated command prompt.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /source:E:\Sources\Install.wim /LimitAccess

Change “E” to the drive letter your source is located.

3.) Now run the below command in an elevated command prompt to repair damaged or corrupted system files.
sfc /scannow

4.) Restart windows when it’s completed.

See if Brave plays nice on your main profile after this.

Thanks. When I right click on the Windows start button I get a different menu. Where “Command Prompt (Admin)” is, I have “Windows PowerShell (admin).” Is it the same thing?

Also, today, for the first time, I had to restart the PC twice before Brave would act normally.

When I right click on the Windows start button and click on settings, there is no “history” link. I searched “clear browsing data” and no results.