Can't load web pages, period, in Windows 10

Brave is suddenly not able to load any web pages, while Chrome and Edge work fine. Not even “brave://settings/” works. When page load is attempted, it times out and a Page Unresponsive dialog box appears. Restarting fixes the problem–temporarily. Running Windows 10 Pro 1909 on a Dell XPS 17.

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Hey @droodman can you disable all extension, and also try in private mode?

Failing that, try Brave in a clean (New) profile?

I am done with Brave. I have the same problem. Pages will not load. Have to repeatedly push the “Reload” button. Cleared my cash, no help. I don’t have this problem with other browsers.

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Well, when the problem occurs, I can’t even disable extensions because brave://extensions/ won’t load.
Private window has the same problem.

what about create new profile

Just wondering if by chance you guys are running brave 32 bits instead of 64 bits…

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