Pages not opening - will open when "open in new tab"

I’m starting to notice this more and more, but the easiest example of it is If I click on any of the menu sections the pages will not load, this isn’t limited to, but it happens on every single one of the menu for me. If I go to “open in new tab” it opens perfectly, but this is really starting to get annoying.

I have tried clearing the cache and turning the shield off for the sites where it isn’t working, and that doesn’t seem to make any difference. Please could someone help.

I am on
Version 1.29.76 Chromium: 93.0.4577.58 (Official Build) (arm64)


I quickly tested the website from your description, works normally over here. Check whether the issue is present in a private window without any extensions.

It only works outside of Brave. I tested it on Safari and works perfectly (as I don’t have any extensions there), but you need extensions to use Opensea otherwise it is useless. It seems like there are some problems with the metamask Web3 plugin for Brave, but I don’t know why that would affect the site from loading correctly? and why it would load fine if I open it in a new tab. with Brave I get this odd looking blue loading bar at the top of the page and it doesn’t load (attached)

You are correct, unfortunately there have been issues with MetaMask for a while.

In the Community thread I linked, @Luckys has provided a workaround that seems to work for many users, maybe you should give it a try.

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Thanks very much, that sorted it.

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