New tabs won't load, force closing brave is only solution

I’m posting again, as my first post got no replies and I’m still seeing this issue two weeks later.

My issue is that Brave will just stop loading webpages. I’ll be using the browser just fine for hours, sometimes days and then all at once, I’m not able to open new tabs to any website or reload any of the pages I have open. I have not found any correlation to any website I visit that causes this, and it seems to be completely random.

Brave Version 1.8.96
MacOS Version 10.15.4

Thanks for reaching out and apologies for missing your initial post.
Two things come to mind that may be causing this:

  1. This could be an issue with a browser extension that you have running. If you don’t have any extensions installed then skip this and try #2. If you do, try disabling them and browsing normally to see if you get the same results.
  2. Try clearing your cache/browsing data for the profile that you’re using. “Bad data” can sometimes get caught up in a big cache file and present as slow-loading webpages or browser freezes.
  3. You can test both of these at the same time by simply creating a new browser profile (you’re welcome to delete it after the test) and browsing to see if you get the same results. If you use a clean profile and the same behavior occurs, there’s probably something else at fault.

Hey thanks for the reply. I’ll give your suggestions a shot and will update if this resolves it

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I think I’ve tested all three of your suggestions correctly and it happened again today. I started by clearing my cache/browsing data for all of time from my main profile, and it happened not long again afterwards. Then I tried a brand new profile with no extensions, which seemed fine at first.
My question is that when the browser freezes, should I be able to open new tabs under the new profile if things get stuck on my main profile? I’m having a harder time running my browser under a new profile, as I set my main up with quite a few settings and starting a new one is a big undertaking. Maybe I’ve been spoiled using google’s chrome for years now, but running my browser under a new profile slows me down big time so I might not be able to test this fully and will have to revert back to chrome.


Of this test is to use the new profile to browse around and see if you produce the same results without having all of the data you have on your main profile present. Lets say that you made this new profile and browsed all day and didn’t get any issues with the tabs as you experience in your main profile. If that were the case, it would signal that some data (or extension) in your main profile is the cause of the behavior.

If you do get the same results (tabs not loading) using the new profile you created, then the problem likely lies somewhere else and points us in a different direction with respect to what the solution is.

In short, the goal here isn’t to “replace” your main profile with a new one and call it a day – the goal is to test and see if the profile itself is the source of the problem or if we’re looking at a different beast entirely.

I have done a couple of days worth of browsing with the new profile, without any extensions, however there isn’t a way for me to quickly reproduce this issue. From the time that I have used the new profile I have not noticed the browser freeze, but the issue happens so irregularly/inconsistently in the past that it was only occurring once a week or so and sometimes it seemed even less often.

My question, which no one seems to touch upon, is what the next step would be. If it signals some data in the main profile is the cause, how do you verify it, and how do you remedy it?
And if the problem lies somewhere else, in a different direction, then what do you do to figure out where & in what direction?

Testing against a new profile is an excellent way to rule several possibilities out – or confirm for us that we’re in the right area. The goal is to not waste time on additional back and fourths if the questions being asked aren’t relevant to begin with.

Still seeing this issue. Using a new profile, no extensions.

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