Communicating Brave better with a chart visual

Please create a checkmark-based chart visualization that summarizes the differences between Chrome, Chromium, Brave Core, and other browsers (Firefox, Edge, Cliqz, Opera, Safari, Vivaldi, etc.), both on computer and mobile. I think many people, me included, are confused still.

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Hello @vdb this post seems to be a request , even though it is in no category. to better serve you and to keep this site organized. Please help us to respond to your requests efficiently. I would suggest starting here


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It’s not a request on your browser. It’s a request on how you position yourselves. I classified it as “Misc” for now.

Thanks for the feedback @vdb,
Will cc @rebron2000 @rossmoody from the product team.

FWIW, here is a simple comparison chart for inspiration.

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