A Bunch of Feature Requests

Greetings. I’m new to the Brave browser. As a former Firefox, Chrome, Opera user; I would like to suggest some features.

  1. Even fresh installed Brave -64bit Windows 10 desktop- browser’s size is 485MB on SSD. Considering Opera was 192MB, Firefox was 180MB. Even Chrome was ~200MB. Brave’s size is abnormal. Would you kindly reduce it?

  2. I wonder if it’s possible to use Microsoft Defender SmartScreen instead of Google Safe Browsing. At least, I would like to be able to choose the SmartScreen. (Not sure if Microsoft would let you though) (Also request for mobile browser)

  3. Microsoft’s Chromium Edge replaced & turned off many of Chrome/Chromium’s default services, which is great; how about Brave? Here is a good example for Brave to follow if not done yet:

  4. Opera’s built-in adblocker has got default NoCoin (Cryptocurrency Mining Protection), Adblock warning removal, Malware block filters. Brave needs those as well if they’re not included yet. I don’t want to install any extra adblockers. Also Cookie Notice Blocker would be an essential addition for sure. (I know it’s already requested, just wanted to highlight) (Also request for mobile browser)

  5. I see Brave runs two background tasks to update automatically. It would be better if you change it to BITS (Windows’s Background Intelligent Transfer Service) just like Firefox did recently. (Not sure about if this can be achieved due to Chromium based being)

Note: I was not sure where to create this topic, whether feedback or feature requests, this topic includes both. By the way, of course you’re free to move it, thank you.

Hi @FredSwansea,

Welcome to Brave! Thanks for writing in these requests. I will pass these along to the team!

Let us know if there’s ever anything that we can help to answer!

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Chiming in to point out that we do rip/gut/remove a lot from the Chromium backend to ensure your privacy. Documentation on what we remove can be found here:

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