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  1. I use Brave on all my devices. This morning the tag “Other Bookmarks” is no more fix on the bar, but is acting like other bookmarks, subject to space availability on the bar.

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Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.2.42 79.0.3945.117. ([#7640]

Additional Information: This is occurring only on my iMac and not on MacBook Pro


great remark but no one cares here about it…we talked about this bug a few days ago and NO RESPONSE… time to go back to chrome, maybe then they will start to respect brave users!

@nelson906, @ada111
The change was made to improve Sync performance and reliability:

We’re taking a look at ways to better arrange this so that users can continue to keep their Other bookmarks pinned to the right as expected.

@Mattches. I think ditching the Other Bookmarks “hard” (unmoveable, undeletable) folder was a good thing. The Chrome team made a mistake when they invented Other Bookmarks. It makes a mess and causes confusion when comparing bookmarks between desktop and mobile devices. And, not to mention what goes on under the hood. The “hard” folders in Safari and Firefox, with their Bookmarks Menu, are even more confusing. Of course, they had a longer legacy to deal with.

To @nelson906 and ada111, there is a simple workaround. Move your Other Bookmarks to be the first in your Bookmarks. Yes, that means it is going to be on the left of the bar instead of the right. But I’m confident that you can handle it. Imagine that your usual supermarket moved the apples from the right side of the aisle to the left. Yes, you would be a miffed at first, but after a couple trips there, life would be fine again. And now you have the advantage that you can name that folder whatever you want to. You are no longer stuck with the rather inscrutable Other Bookmarks. Consider a very short name like simply +. Now you’ve got room to fit at least one more item in your Bookmarks bar. Nice!

Congratulations to the Brave team for not being afraid to ditch previous bad designs and move on. Trimming back to a single hard folder, and allowing everything under that be user-configurable, makes the bookmarks structure simple and sensible, with minimal cognitive overhead. Actually, you are not the first web browser to do this – Vivaldi has had this design for its whole life, I think. My congratulations are underscored by the fact that only three users (two in this thread, one in another thread) complained about the change. That is not bad!


Thank you good solution.
Obviously everybody is entitled to different point of view. At the beginning I missed the home page, with all the usually manned sites available. It was typical in Safari, Chrome and Firefox and I considered very useful. I got accustomed to “Other Bookmarks” as alternative.
The advantage in Brave was the possibility to synchronize different devices after I left Apple to Android.
Now I see poor synchronization, difficult organization and I am thinking about my choices.
Thank you I will try, but I am loosing my interest in Brave

Yes, I think maybe I would scold the Brave team on one detail. They could have detected users who had items in their Other Bookmarks during the upgrade to version 1.2.41, and for that small percentage of users displayed a sheet with a brief description of what had been done, with a link to a blog post or something explaining as I did above, for those who were interested.

@Mattches, I recommend that you do not look at ways to better arrange this so that users can continue to keep their Other bookmarks pinned to the right as expected. Especially now since interested users have already accommodated the new structure in one way or another, it will just cause more confusion. You would need to mark such a folder with a special pin right attribute or special guid or something. You are going to introduce a lot of user cognitive overhead, code complexity, and future bugs just to mimic a stupid feature in Chrome that hardly anyone uses (how many people under the age of 30 even have any idea what a bookmark is?) and no one needs – the workaround I suggested in my previous long post is fine.

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@jerrykrinock You should stop assuming and speaking for everyone else, especially about a generation you have no knowledge about. Now that you have brought age into it, I’m 23 and I have been using bookmarks heavily for many years with a proper bookmark folder structure.

I use the Other bookmarks mechanic a lot, and I like it being pinned to the right, out of the way from the “more important” bookmarks in my bookmark bar, but still easily accessible.

@Mattches I think the possibility to pin a folder to the right, as where the Other bookmarks used to be, would be a great feature. Then a user would be able do decide by themselves how they want it to be.

Thank you for your reply, @Yrlish. I shall honor your request and not assume any more about other users.

The Brave team shall make their decision based on the number of unhappy users vs. the complexity they must re-introduce in order to satisfy the unhappy users.

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Please come up with some way to pin a selected folder to the right. As a user who uses several devices throughout the day this is infuriating. My bookmarks are never in the same place across devices now. It doesn’t have to be the “Other Bookmarks” folder, just let the users designate a single folder that is always pinned right or something. Cannot believe this is still broken.

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