What's the point of Other Bookmarks if they don't even sync to mobile?

What’s the point of hardcoded “Other Bookmarks” folder which if you place bookmarks in it, don’t even get synced to mobile device, iOS in my case. And it has been this way for ages and hasn’t bothered anyone. Which is just straight up bizarre design.

Google Chrome has the “Other Bookmarks” folder too, maybe it’s a Chromium thing.
Edit: Don’t forget the bookmarks bar folder as well, it also doesn’t get copied over for some reason.

Bookmarks bar is actually the default bookmarks folder. It’s just these Other Bookmarks that are weird and they just don’t appear on mobile device if you place bookmarks int here on a desktop. Which is just a weird design decision. There is this folder that you can’t even use if you expect bookmarks on other devices (mobile in particular).

The bookmarks in my “Other bookmarks” do appear on my phone, they’re just lumped together in the top level directory along with my “Bookmarks bar” bookmarks.

Well, they don’t for me. They just don’t exist on Brave for iOS if they are located in Other bookmarks on PC.