Right align "Other Bookmarks" in Bookmarks bar

I would be very nice if the “Other Bookmars” in the Bookmars bar was aligned to the right as in Chrome.
I makes sense to me that it’s move away from the other bookmarks.

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Second this request. I have Brave on two laptops and two phones. On one, Other Bookmarks is pinned to the right and on the other it isn’t. This is extremely non-ergonomic when I switch between devices. I much prefer having it on the right but in all my searching I can’t find the setting or why it works that way on one device.

There are many posts I found when searching this community forum about this topic, people requesting the same thing. Often someone responds with push back saying it’s not a commonly requested feature; I think that’s an invalid assertion. It’s a big signal if someone takes the time to find this community forum, search for the issue, log in, and write a new ticket or comment on one about the issue. I would expect the majority of people in the same boat don’t bother once they don’t find a solution.

I know. It’s the only thing that sucks about this browser so far. What I did for a work-around, is moved my other bookmarks folder to the very left of my bookmarks bar. Just left-click and hold it, move it where you want (you’ll see a little indexing line move with it. I have so many bookmarks I had to move this thing in stages. I also have nested folders within the bookmarks folder. I hope this help and hopefully, they’ll come up with a fix for this.