Open search result in new tab

To quickly make a search from an open webpage viewed in a tab I hit Ctrl+k. This brings focus to url/search bar.
After entering the search term and hitting enter the search results open in the current tab.

Is there a setting that can be adjusted to make results from searches made in this way open in a new tab?

–Brave Version 1.8.90 Chromium: 81.0.4044.129 (Official Build) (64-bit)

You can try:

  • Alt + Enter to open in New Tab
  • Shift + Enter to open in New Window
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Thanks for your response.

Alt+Enter gets the result I want, but it’s not the way I’d like to get there.

My primary browser is Firefox. Its settings can be changed such that every search initiated by Ctrl+K automatically opens in a new tab. This preserves the content of the tab from which the search was made as well as presenting search results in a new tab. And it does it without needing an extra keyboard operation.

On the occasions I use Brave it is a nuisance to have an open tab overwritten after making a Ctrl+K search. For example, it can result in information entered into an online form being deleted and lost. I would prefer not to have to alter my workflow with the extra Alt+Enter step.

It seems odd that Brave’s settings cannot be changed to make the browser automatically open Ctrl+K search results in a new tab. It should be possible to achieve this behaviour.

Feel free to submit a feature request for that. :slight_smile:

OK, why not? I’ve nothing to lose.

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Request opened here Open search results in new tab