Open search results in new tab

To quickly make a search from an open webpage viewed in a tab I hit Ctrl+K. This brings focus to url/search bar.
After entering the search term and hitting Enter the search results open in the current tab.

The problem here is that information presented in the open tab is overwritten by the search results. This is a nuisance, but even more of a nuisance if information entered into an online form is deleted or lost. Searches via Ctrl+K should be capable of preserving the current tab.

I asked about this in the Brave community support forum. Was it possible to change Brave’s settings to achieve the search behaviour I desired? It was suggested that to effect the search after hitting Ctrl+K that I key Alt+Enter, this opens a new tab for search results.

Alt+Enter achieves the desired result but it is not the way I would prefer to get there. I should not need to add an extra step to my workflow.

My primary browser is Firefox. Its settings can be changed such that searches made via Ctrl+K will automatically open in a new tab. Brave should permit its settings to be changed to effect the same search behaviour too.

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