Open Private Tab “+” opens 2 private tabs


Description of the issue:

Open private tab “+” opens 2 private tabs.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Switch to Private Mode in the bottom left of the tab menu
  2. Click “+”
  3. 2 private tabs open

Expected result:

1 private tab should open as normal.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.35.1 (

Mobile Device details

iPhone 13 on iOS 15.3.1

Bananas ,

I am using iPhone 8 iOS 14.8.1 – and your Settings may appear differently, than the following:

Brave > Settings > Brave Shields & Privacy > [scroll down to OTHER PRIVACY SETTINGS section] > Private Browsing Only

Test your steps taken, with that switch in each position (ON / OFF).

@289wk What does forcing the browser to be Private Browsing only have to do with how it opens 2 tabs at once when you first switch to Private Browsing? I’m sincerely asking to understand what you’re suggesting.

The issue they are stating here is when you switch to Private and then go to open the tab at first, 2 pop up at the same time. It only happens the first time, but it is kind of weird to see. And yeah, I tested it on my iPhone 13 Pro Max that’s running on iOS 15.3.1 with Brave version 1.35.1 (which is the newest version on iPhone right now)

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Exactly, I’m not going to go to private browsing only mode and have all of my cookies cleared and get logged out of everything, while not solving the problem.

@Bananas I’m assuming no fix to that right now. It’s just something they’ll have to pass to #contributing:contributing-quality-assurance or w/e, at least that @Mattches can relay to them.

@Saoiray ,

It is long:

There have been a number of posts and replies, where members of the Brave Community have been wondering about (among Brave Browsers), the descriptions and distinctions between:

  • a Private Window
  • the –incognito command line flag and / or “incognito mode
  • the Private Browsing Only switch effects
  • what some call “Private Mode
  • what some call “Private Browsing

I use Brave Browser:

  • because it has shown to not be a memory hog – in contrast to Firefox (that has a long-standing memory leak problem?)
  • for Privacy and Security

There are also, many posts and replies at this Brave Community (and over at the Brave residence, at GitHub) re the ongoing struggle between:

  • the forces of Brave users who want convenience

  • the forces of Brave users who want privacy and security

Brave Browser, as far as i have read, is mostly designed for, intended for, privacy and security. That means, taking steps to be, and remain, secure.

And the steps to be so secure, have always included dumping caches, cookies, history, other data, in addition to logging out of websites.

And the steps include, being certain to have systems for backing up important data (egs. passwords and bookmarks) to external drives / media so that, such data is not depending upon, for example, a particular Internet browser – for recovery.

From my perspective (the context preceding) I tend to be willing to troubleshoot, from a state of preparedness. I want to find out, what causes a problem, and not have to worry about losing any data.

So, I wondered what the action of pressing on the " + " icon . . . causes re the creation of a new tab and/or new window:

  • when “Private Browsing Only” switch is ON
  • when “Private Browsing Only” switch is OFF
  • when the immediately previous tab or window was NOT Private
  • when the immediately previous tab or window was Private
  • when Brave Browser was [somehow] started with the “–incognito” flag
  • when using Brave Browser after the computing device has been thru a period of idle, including Sleep (sometimes, Brave Browser will then “just suddenly crash”)

In other words, I was considering the various switches and their combinations of settings.

And, I am considering the inexplicable (to the lay person) re behaviors, events, and happenings of Brave Browser . . . that are sometimes the result of, developers putting a halt to some process / sub-routine of Chromium, in order to apply a bandaid over, or remove entirely, some pop-up window’s dialog “that might confuse users.”

Because, developers are busy and asked to cover vast territories, instead of remaining focused on an un-disturbed programming stream of conciousness.

That conundrum (sp?), is why, it seems to me, that the Brave Ads / BAT / Creators / Payments / Rewards / Wallets . . . problem has remained as a major reason for a lot of bug reporting to Brave Community and to the Brave residence at GitHub. (Yet, Brian Bondy has thankfully been ever-present, here at the Brave Community, trying to corrale the problems.)

And the developers’ territorial conundrum is also why, the Sync problem has been long-lasting. (Yet, there are recent indications, now, that various little bugs that lingered for a long time, in the “backlog” stacks, have gotten a lot of attention.)

Thanks for writing your thesis

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@Bananas ,

Tx. Here is a stumper that I do not worry about:

I almost always open a “New Private Window” - via the File menu selection of the Brave menu bar of the Mac:

Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 7.35.22 PM

Note, there above, that the “New Private Window” bold character string, indicates that the selection is available.

But, for example, if, in some webpage of the Brave Community, I Right-Cick on a link . . . and I want to Open that linked item in a “New Private Window” . . . I cannot . . . so it appears (as “Open Link in Private Window” – faded and unavailable):

Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 7.37.36 PM

But, if I choose in that pop-up menu, “Open Link in New Window” . . . then actually, a “New Private Window” is opened ! et Viola – go figure.

Someday, by fixing something else, the Brave developers might incidentally fix that minor bug, too.

You’re diving way too in depth. I’m just reporting a simple bug. Plus this is on mobile, not desktop, so that’s irrelevant.

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@Bananas , @michal ,

Same problem:

I can repro, thanks. We will fix it soon


Quick update: I fixed this, should be included in next release 1.36