Annoying browser close on private mode - ios

I love brave, and I use it on ios alongside Firefox. But it is not reliable in that regard - when I open tabs on private and leave for a moment, and use camera for example, when I switch back to brave it closes everything.

Now, Im aware that private mode is designed to be private, but many times the intension is to use it without previous cashed info for work or listening to music, it is very inconvenient every time to close like that.

On Firefox for example you can even close the browser on private and when open again, sessions reappear.

Edge browser don’t have this memory problem also.

Read that there are many complaints about this trough the time, and nothing is done…?

I just want to be specific here. I just tested this and it works as intended, without having the results as you do. So open Brave, open Private, go to a website, open a second tab in private, go to a different website, swipe up from the bottom as if going to exit the app, tap on the screen in a place outside of the browser to go to my home page, open camera and take a picture, opened Reddit, then opened Brave. When I opened, it was still on the two pages I had and it was still in Private.

What I had to do in order to replicate your situation was completely exit Brave. So when swipe up from the bottom to go into view of all open apps, then swipe up to remove Brave, that’s when Private tabs close and it defaults to normal tabs. This part is working as intended as Private closes tabs, removes cookies and history, etc. That’s the “private” part of private tabs.

Guess in that, perhaps try not completely exiting Brave but keep it running in the background when you’re doing other tasks and have Private going.

Hey, thanks for the reply. What I forgot to mention is that this behaviour happens after period of inactivity, so the private tabs are open in background for at least 30 minutes. While in background I take video, pictures and listen to music.

When I get back after a while, it automatically close everything.

I don’t need to work like Firefox or Edge (to open private tabs even after the app is previously closed).

I guess it is memory issue. Please test it like that, open few tabs and leave it on background. After a while take some video and use other apps, than try to open it again. Thanks in advance!

I use latest ios and brave versions!

@Saoiray Did you have the opportunity to test it ?

Two friends of mine confirmed the same behaviour.

@Gorg Opened Private window and two different tabs about 20 minutes after you posted. Then I opened Uphold and some other apps, closed them, locked my phone, and did some stuff. Just returned to my phone and Brave still had Private opened.

Not sure why I’m not having issues while you’re saying you and your friends are. We’ll have to see if @mattches (browser support) or @michal (iOS developer) can pop in with any suggestions.

What will help to know though:

  • What iOS version are you using?

  • What version of Brave?

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@Saoiray iOS version - 15.6.1, Brave version - 1.42/1.42.91

My friends notified me and I noticed the same, actually it happens after using video recording (I rarely take pictures ao thats why I did not noticed that).

Also after app update - in contrast of Firefox, all the work/tabs are gone in private after app update.


The reason is all private browsing data in Brave is stored in RAM memory, if you use other apps intensively they use that RAM and eventually Brave has to drop their reserver memory for other apps.

I’ve heard camera app is super memory hungry nowadays with all the image processing.
However we plan to make the private tabs more persistent, because all other browsers do it like this, I think Brave is the only browser keeping private data in-memory without saving to disk


Thanks you @michal . This is very good news. Only reason I use (and I believe many others) another browser for private work when needed for continuous period of time !

@Saoiray thanks also!

Best regards!

A Brave Fan :slight_smile:

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do you have an old device or does your device have old software on it for the OS?

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