Thumbnail bug from private to non-private tabs

If you have open tabs in private mode and quit private mode by hitting “private”, go to another app and then open Brave and view the normal tabs then you will see thumbnails of the tabs from the private tabs on top of the normal ones.

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I’m having some trouble reproducing this issue, can you make the exact steps a bit more clear? Additionally, can you tell me what OS you’re using when you see this?

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Hello, sorry for the late reply.
I am on iOS 14.4.2.
I saw that someone has posted the exact problem but explained simpler and better in my opinion…

“In my “normal” mode I have some tabs opened.
I was in a private mode. Multi tabs was opened too in the private mode.
I close the private navigation mode, by touch the “Private” button on the bottom left corner.
I did’nt interact with tabs in normal mode before closing the app.
Later I opened the browser.
Favicon of the first tab in normal mode was replaced by favicon of the first previous tab from private mode.”

Thank you for great support! :smiley:

I’ve been trying to reproduce this but I am not able to do so. The steps I followed:

  1. Open Brave on iOS
  2. Open some standard tabs, then open some Private tabs
  3. Open “tab view” then leave private mode
  4. Close the browser without interacting with the standard tabs
  5. Re-open the browser

When I did this, everything launched and appeared as normal. If you were to try and reproduce this issue again, would you be able to do so consistently?

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