Brave on iPad always opening in private mode

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Description of the issue:
Every time o close the browser and reopen, it comes in private mode and all tabs I had opened in regular mode goes away.
This started happening few releases ago. Two months more or less.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open brave on iPad in regular mode, open few tabs or just one,
  2. Close the browser
  3. Reopen

Expected result:
Expected result would be to reopen the tabs that were opened before closing.
Instead of opening in private mode.
Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.62 (

Mobile Device details

iPad OS 17.4

Additional Information:

Go to Brave’s SettingsBrave Shields & Privacy. Do you have Private Browsing Only toggled on? If so, that’s your issue.

Beyond that, Brave doesn’t open Private by default. So I’d be curious what you’ve done otherwise.

An alternative as well, if it’s opening Private by default, is you could go to SettingsPrivate Tabs and choose Keep Private Tabs to be enabled, which will prevent tabs from closing when you exit the browser.

Both settings are off here.

The only thing I remember from when this started to happen was that I used private tabs the day before it started.

After that, all tabs I leave opened goes away when I close the browser or switch to a new app.

Hey, I’m facing the same issue. I’ve not done any setting changes. This only happens on my iPad, not on my iPhone.

And it started happening recently. Been using Brave on my iPad for sometime now, no such issues before.

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@Mattches @michal would either of you have any answers on this issue. I can’t seem to replicate it and am not sure what might be going on that Brave would be opening in Private even though they say settings aren’t up for that. And as a result, they are losing whatever open tabs they had.

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Will have to reach out to the iOS team as this is new to me. Would it be possible for either of you (@Scorponok or @lflucena) to get a short screen recording of the behavior that I can share with iOS team.

For the recording, just open the browser, create a few standard tabs, close the browser, then re-open it so that we can see the standard tabs being discarded and the browser re-launching in Private browsing mode.

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Hey, I unfortunately cannot upload attachment as I’m a new user. Is there any other way I can send this recording to you?

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Apologies — I’ve gone ahead and upgraded your user level and you should be able to upload now. If not, you can always use and simply share the link here.

Thanks, here’s the upload. Please let me know if you need any further information.

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Same issue here. On iPad

Brave 1.62

iPad OS 17.3.1

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Apologies for the wait time here — digging into this now. Just to confirm, the Private browsing only option (Menu --> Settings --> Brave Shields & Privacy) is not enabled when you’re seeing this issue — correct?

No worries, I just checked. It is not enabled.

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Thank you for confirming.

I’ve opened the following issue for our developers to review:


It must be the iPad multiwindow bug. We are most likely going to disable multiwindow until Apple figures out their stuff

Thank you for letting me know the reason.
Also, thank you for your efforts.

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Have this same problem. It always opens in Private mode even though it’s turned off. If you go to Settings>Brave Shields & Privacy and turn Private Browsing Only ON, click OK to clear cache, then turn it OFF it will miraculously bring back the non-private window with all your open tabs.

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Confirmed another workaround, should this not work.

Open Brave, switch to whichever mode you want to come up automatically, then open a link (shouldn’t matter what, I used a random Wiki link) in another window. Fully close both windows to test, Brave should now launch normally.

Edit: Looks like I kind of lied there. Worked fine and restored my tabs the first time, subsequent close / open seem to be pulling from completely different states though. In a loop right now where it’s opening Private → Test normal tab → Test normal tab → my normal non-private tabs → loop restarts. Guessing the multi-window bug mentioned above saves some form of app state that’s then used to open the app afterwards, but doesn’t properly clear on exit?

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Trying both, the first one didn’t bring my opened tabs. :confused:

Found a better workaround- delete the app on IpadOS (17.4.1) and reinstall. So far so good.

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Can confirm, this works. Cheers

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