Open PDF in Adobe Reader

When I click on a PDF on the web, I expect Brave to download the PDF to a temporary folder, then call Adobe Reader to open the file. Then, when Adobe is finished, the temporary file should be deleted.

Rather, I get a download dialog and the file does not automatically open.

I have the switch brave://settings/content/pdfDocuments set to on,

Setting this switch to OFF opens the PDF in Brave (as expected.)

Where is the third option, Open PDF in Adobe Reader?

Thanks, Mark.

go to your windows default app manager and set adobe to be the default app to open pdf and
set this on

after download click the little arrow next to the download file and choose always open those type of files
hope that help and have a nice day

Windows was already setup to open Adobe Reader.

Your tip to use the little box in the status bar worked (why is that option is not in setting?) but with the unwanted side effect of leaving the downloaded document on my hard drive.

Is there a way to step up the game a bit so the document goes away when I close Adobe Reader?

Thanks, Mark.

you welcome not sure if you disable this

while you already set brave to open the file type would lead to open it in brave or in adobe give it a try and see if it work or not

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