PDF not downloading and opening correctly despite correct settings

All my PDF documents have suddenly turned into Brave links.
I want to download PDF files to use offline. I want to open PDF files in Adobe, NOT Brave.
I have PDF Default Behaviour set to “Download PDFs” (Settings - Privacy and Security - Site and Shield Settings - PDF Documents - Default Behaviour). It still doesn’t work.
I have NEVER given Brave permission to be the default PDF reader or to alter any of my existing files.
I have the latest version of Brave Browser and am using Windows 10.

I have reproduced this issue multiple times, it is not restricted to one website or file.

I want an IMMEDIATE fix and a way to prevent Brave taking liberties with my files in the future.

Brave Version: Version 1.32.113 Chromium: 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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